A "tailor-made and located" training

"tailor-made and located" training, for and with partner companies, where the Secoli Method interprets the professional needs of company prototypes and realizes them in a training course that faithfully recreates the working environment of the territory

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Slow architecture

‘Slow architecture’ Zamasport


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Italy as seen by the world

In 2018 Zamasport was invited to exhibit a number of its garments at the Milan exhibit entitled  “Italiana". Italy as seen by the world 1971-2001: an exhibit launched and produced by the Municipality of Milan-Culture, Palazzo Reale and the National Chamber of Italian Fashion with support from the Ministry of Economic Development and  ICE Agenzia.

Zamasport provided a number of garments from its historic Callaghan brand archive. At the same time, many of the garments exhibited by leading Italian  Maisons were created in our workshops.



Arte & Moda

Metropolitan Museum Art

Zamasport, through its brand Callaghan, is honoured to have become part of art history, thanks to a small collection of garments kept at the Metropolitan Museum Art di new York.

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