The timeframe for reaction and performance in meeting our Partners’ requests constitutes a key factor for the success of the entire project 


The timetables imposed for the completion of the collection

Staying on track with the tight timetables of the processing phases and the timely sourcing of materials are essential, since we must be in a position,  several months ahead of time, to guarantee to our client the delivery of the collection by a given date, especially in view of an upcoming runway show.  This calls for perfect organization, exceptional structural flexibility and the utmost dedication of our personnel.




“See Now Buy Now”: what it means for the company

This innovation, which has been introduced by a few select brands, has led to a historic revolution for our company with regard to the production cycle. What it entails is producing garments of given models of a given season before they are even presented to the public. Translated into industrial terms, it means working with timetables and materials sourcing that are completely anticipated with respect to traditional timetables.  This represents an enormous competitive advantage for our partners who are given the opportunity to have garments already available in shops in tandem with the timing of runway shows. We were able to achieve this project thanks to the dedication of  our human resources, and our highly flexible corporate organization.



4000 historic garments collected in a large structure affectionately known as the "Giostra"