Environmental sustainability and elimination of harmful substances

Zamasport has always been committed to projects aimed at reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing processes and, over the last few years, it has started to  address this issue structurally, by instituting a special  department with a dedicated  manager. In addition to the overarching goal of protecting the environment from emissions of pollutants, there are at least two others of significant interest:

  • The health of the final consumer, who for some time has become keenly aware of the issue  of sustainability, including with regard to fashion;
  • Safety of workers employed by textile and clothing companies, who can be directly exposed to chemical substances that may be potentially harmful to their health.


2020 production processes project

Thanks to the collaboration established with our supply chain, Zamasport has undertaken to reduce the harmful chemical substances used in the textile industry and in the production processes by 2020, following ZDHC’s standards, and works on a day-to-day basis alongside its clients with a view to achieving increasingly important goals to ensure the utmost respect for the environment.  By adhering to  ZDHC’s standard, which has been adopted by many high fashion brands, Zamasport has introduced a systemic approach with the objective of rendering the entire supply chain increasingly more transparent, clean and aware.   



Dear Stakeholders,
We are pleased to share with you our third consecutive Sustainability Report. This Report provides
a tangible summary of our values and actions, tracking the progress made, the challenges
overcome and the ambitious goals that still lie ahead. In particular, our intention is to provide you
with a comprehensive view of our work and the impacts we generate on a social, environmental
and economic level.




The company is introducing a corporate Wellness Policy indexed to productivity incentives that allows employees to benefit from initiatives aimed at boosting the wellness of its employees and their families through a different allocation of remuneration, comprised of both benefits and the supply of services aimed at improving their quality of life.


Zamasport set up courses within its structure to train new professional figures in the pattern and sewing area to be included in the industrial supply chain, by means of teaching aimed at acquiring direct knowledge for the learning of established procedures within the company, and the use of specific IT systems.