The thread of creativity stitches together all aspeccts of our production

From the sketch up until the completion of the prototype, to the sample, the entire process is managed throughout every single stage by highly experienced and dedicated professionals who, thanks to their special expertise, know how to interpret the designer’s concept.


A race against time, but one that we always win

The team plays a key role in our company structure, in a way reminiscent of Formula 1. It is of critical importance for the client to maintain ongoing contacts with a single contact person. The swiftness of answers and reactivity in the fulfilment of requests is a fundamental and determinant element for ensuring a project’s success. The team leader’s responsibilities, therefore, include the direct relationship with the client.  Working for a creative director on an upcoming runway collection is most certainly a significant responsibility also due to the fact that the achievement of a common objective will constitute a great success shared by all.  



Contribution from the company’s team behind the scenes at a runway show and the importance of the final touch before stepping onto the runway

The eve of every runway show is the key moment of the season. The entire team and the tailors are involved in perfecting the collection for the show, adapting the garments for ensuring a perfect fit for the models and the creative director’s requests. It is a moment of extremely high tension, in a positive sense, and enthusiastic involvement for the entire team.